When you hear the phrase "Tailer Park" what comes to mind? Surely not Breckenridge, Colorado, which is known for its world class Ski Resort and Multi Million Dollar Real Estate. Infact Breckenridge has very few trailer park communities. Some are very thoughtfully designed resort type communities such as the TIGER RUN RESORT and unfortunately some are just a hideous display of almost condemned structures.

Trailer Park Communites provide affordable housing to a very small portion of the local workforce in Breckenridge, nevertheless, the cost of living in a trailer is equivalent and in some cases exceeds the cost of living in a modest Breckenridge Condominium.

As you enter Breckenridge, Colo. you will notice a Trailer Park community with very old structures and some are insulated with exterior plastic wrap and duct-tape! There has been a lot of debate over the fate of this property and we urge the Town of Breckenridge and the County of Summit to taken the initiative to improve, rezone or issue a development permit for this property.

We are hopefull that the Town of Breckenridge along with Summit County Government will consider the clean up of this property which will help improve the Breckenridge image.

Update: (9/20/2006)
This property has been sold and the new owners have removed all trailers and they are in the process of establishing the proper permits needed to develop commercial and townhome units by next year.

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